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Stock vs Broth vs Bone Broth, what's the difference?

Over the years there has been a great deal of interest in our beef bones from customers for bone broth and beef stock. Some are obviously seasoned broth-ers (see what I did there?) and others are not sure where to begin with making broth or stock, but just know there is goodness to be found there. Up until a few years ago, that was me too.

The question about the difference between broth, bone broth and stock was something I wondered about, so I researched a little.

I have learnt that broth is typically made from lightly simmering meat and veggies to make a thin liquid, whereas stock and bone broth are a more lengthy process using bones and meat and producing a much thicker, richer product. Stock can be made in a matter of 4-6 hours and usually involves veggies and herbs to taste. Typically bone broth takes 8-10hrs for chicken bones and around 20-24hrs for beef.

Stock and bone broth are quiet similar, and really only differ in the length of time that the bones simmer. They can both involve veggies, but I don't add veggies to the bone broth as I think they sour the taste a little, but that is just me. Bone broth is also made generally with the addition of apple cider vinegar to help extract the collagen, calcium and other nutrients from the bones and into the liquid better. As a result, a good bone broth will be gelatinous and thick on standing.

Years ago, friends of mine suggested roasting the bones prior to putting them in the broth pot, and that definitely improves the richness and taste of the stock/broth as well. If you have chicken bones, then those, roasted with the beef bones and cooked together make the most delicious broth that I have found. For this, you will need to add the chicken bones about 10-12hrs into the cooking process.

I personally don't like to sip broth, but I love to put it in cooking and love the idea of adding all of that nutrition to my family's food.

So have a go today at making your own broth or stock with the help of some grassfed beef or pastured chicken bones.

I like to roast my beef bones prior to making bone broth to intensify the flavour.
Roasing grassfed beef bones

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