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Nutritious food your kids will eat!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Do your kids refuse to eat their meals on a regular basis? Sometimes it feels like you are just throwing your food (and money) away when they don't eat it and its frustrating, I know. Its a fight. It's stressful and it takes the joy out of cooking and dinner time. I've been there. We have fussy kids too.

One of the things we noticed when we started to eat our own meat regularly was that our kids were eating their dinner regularly too. I thought it might have just been that they were 'growing out of it', but it was consistent across all of the kids at different ages. Something else was going on. It was our beef!

Premium HighBrit Beef mince and pasta
Using premium grassfed beef mince and broth in pasta adds a delicious new dimension.

As well as eating our good quality beef, I was also sourcing meat and products from other farmers so we were eating ethically produced meat products and fresh produce (when we could). Now, we really notice it when we run out of beef and have to buy it from the supermarket. As well as eating the beef, I found that they would eat the other parts of their dinners too!

It is something that our customers regularly comment on as well. We've had many customers tell us that:

they will never go back to supermarket meat,

their fussy kids are now eating every scrap of their dinner (and asking for more), and

their kids even ask if their dinner is our meat or they won't eat it!

It is truly amazing! The difference in taste and texture really does make a difference to kids (and adults), its true.

A cheat's beef stirfry with mince
Beef stirfry is another favourite dish in our house. I cheat by simply cooking beef mince or strips and veggies with ginger, garlic, soy sauce and perhaps some sweet chilli sauce. Add some fresh herbs too if you have them.

So, how is it that supermarket food, labelled and packed in a similar way to farm food, can be so different? The difference is that it is industrialised food. It is not grown and processed with the same care and attention that farmer direct food is. It doesn't come to you as fresh and well prepared. It is fed food additives, put through stressful experiences, and slaughtered in a stressful environment too. None of this is good for the animal and none of this is good for the eating quality or flavour of the meat. I've thought about this quite a lot. It doesn't sit well with me. I want to make sure our animals have a wonderful, relaxed life.... with one bad day. I know lots of other people think this way too.

Other things like breed of cattle, what they are fed, the age and environment can also impact the eating quality of beef. We've tried to optimise all of these things to bring you the best eating experience. Our cattle are British breed (Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn cross), 100% grassfed and finished (no added feed or grain), relaxed and living on nutritious, fertile pastures at high altitudes. We process at a small local abattoir so we can ensure control over our processes and a low-stress environment.

Why not give farm-fresh, farmer-direct products a try and see if it makes a difference to the way your kids eat. If you feel good about your food it might help your kids to, as well. I'm sure you will noticed the difference and as an added bonus, you are cutting out the middle man and helping Aussie farmers.

If you'd like to know more about what we do then have a look at our website, email me We delivery our delicious, nutritious, grassfed beef to customers on a regular basis throughout SE Qld.

Our crazy family a few years ago.

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