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  • What do I get in my pack?
    The types of cuts in each pack varies depends on which pack you choose. If you click on each pack type in the store, the list of cuts in each pack are given. The larger the pack that is chosen, the more variety of cuts you will receive. In the mixed meat packs, a variety of cuts dependent on availability will be supplied.
  • Can I get extra mince and sausages with my pack?
    Yes! Depending on availability you can add extra mince and sausages to your pack. Just add these in the store and they will be included in your pack at delivery.
  • Do you deliver to my area?
    Send us an email here and check, but at the moment we deliver to Toowoomba, Brisbane, Ipswich and surrounds on a regular basis and also to Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast on occasion.
  • How do I become a HB Club Member?
    To become a member in the HB Club which entitles you to a range of special offers and regular meat deliveries (you choose what, how often), simply fill out the membership form on the about us page and we will be in touch within 3 business days to arrange your membership.
  • What do I get for being a HB Club Member? How does it work?
    The HB Club was set up for our regular customers who don't want to miss out on a delivery just because they forget to put their order in. It serves several purposes. Firstly, it means that you get your meat delivered on a regular basis and you are given priority for your order (meaning you don't miss out, even if we sell out of our delivery). You get to choose what pack you get and how often you get it delivered. Secondly, it gives us, as farmers some stability and knowledge of our regular orders. It means we can plan and organise our production in a much more confident way. You are able to cancel at any time (prior to order closing) and you are locked in for the year at the first date order price (in the case of any price rises). In addition, there are periodic bonuses and offers sent out to our member only email list to take advantage of.
HB Club Member FAQ
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